For every $100.00 you spend with locally owned independent businesses, $68.00 is returned to your community in the form of taxes, payroll, other expenses and donations. If you spend $100.00 with a national chain business, $43.00 is returned. If you spend $100.00 online with an Internet business, $0.00 (NOTHING) returns to your local community!

We realize that we cannot supply every product that you could possibly buy online. We do strive to provide the most commonly needed medications for our patients at prices that are competitive to those of online pharmacies. We only ask, that if we provide the same product at a price comparable to an Internet pharmacy, to please consider purchasing it from us – either online (website, email), by phone or at our office. We can provide shipping if you need it.

Think about the following facts:

  • Which business provides jobs for your local neighbors, friends and even family?
  • Which business pays local taxes (income, property, sales, business, etc.), which support local government services, schools, etc.?
  • Which business makes donations to many local civic, community, school and charitable organizations? (a complete list is available upon request)
  • Which business is available to assist you personally with questions concerning your pets’ health needs?
  • Which business will be available to assist you when your pet is injured, sick or needs other medical assistance?

Thanks for your support! When you support us, we can support you and our community.