World Class Service, Small-Town Charm

Although we are a “small-town” clinic, we constantly strive to provide “world-class” veterinary care for our patients.  Our services include (but are not limited to):

Comprehensive physical exams and health assessments

Nothing can replace the “hands-on”, one-on-one interaction between the doctor, the patient, and the client.  We always start with a thorough exam of the patient and consultation with the client.

Preventative Medicine

We emphasize preventative care through routine exams, deworming, and vaccinations of puppies, kittens, foals, and livestock, as well as annual physical assessments and appropriate vaccinations for our adult patients.

In-house Diagnostics

We utilize diagnostic tests in our clinic such as fecal exams, skin scrapings, cytology, blood chemistry, ELISA tests,  digital X-rays, and urinalysis to aid in assessing the patient. We can also send samples to outside diagnostic laboratories for additional testing as needed.


We use modern injectable and inhalant anesthetics to make the anesthesia as safe as possible. We utilize pulse-oximetry and apnea monitors to help insure the patient’s safety during surgery. Our surgical procedures include spays, neuters, dentistry, general soft-tissue surgery, and orthopedic surgery. We also utilize therapeutic laser for treatment of various conditions.


Our boarding facility includes spacious, climate-controlled kennels and outdoor exercise areas.

Farm Service

We provide ambulatory veterinary services (treatment of colic, injuries, lameness, dystocia, reproductive assessments, and other conditions) at the stable or farm for our equine, bovine, and caprine patients.